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Schooner Dirigo Whale & Nature Voyage

Book online or call for additional info and availability.

We offer a very different and unique whale watching experience. Whale watching, but so much more.

We think you'll enjoy it. 

Whales are special creatures, as is all life. And the Orcas have lived here for eons. This is their home and they can't move away. The impact man has had on them and their environment, has not made their life any easier. Everybody wants to see them and experience their awesome presence, but we must be careful not to "love them to death. 

There are many options for watching and experiencing the whales in the islands..... Let's do it quietly, serenely and most importantly, respectfully. Under sail. 

The Voyage...

Stepping aboard the Dirigo II, you'll be welcomed by the captain and crew and stow your gear. After vessel orientation and a safety briefing, we'll be underway, departing out of downtown Friday Harbor. Our heading will be determined by wind, weather tides and the most recent whale sighting reports. As members of the Pacific Whale Watching Association, we are kept abreast of the pods daily activities. There's always hot coffee, tea and fresh baked goods down below in the warm and cozy saloon.


Let's hoist our sails and get the bow wave hissing! While underway, your welcomed to participate

and learn hands on, the details of sailing a traditionally rigged ship. A unique opportunity. They'll be lots to see and talk about, and the captain and onboard naturalist will be happy to share their knowledge of the local waters, sea and marine life, and the history of the area and its islands with you. 

If the Orcas Whales are in the area and were lucky enough to rendezvous with them, then it's "whales off the starboard bow"! Depending on what the whales are doing, either eating, traveling or resting and playing, we'll either tag along at a respectful and safe distance, or hold station and take it all it.

Make sure you have plenty of room on your phone or camera for photos!

Whenever possible, we will only use the wind for our motivation. 

When the whales head out, or we've had our fill, it's time for lunch. Depending on our location and guests desires, we'll either have our deliciously prepared gourmet seafood lunch served while underway, or at anchor in a nearby cove. This will allow for an optional shore trip with beach-combing, hiking and exploring, or an opportunity for rest and reflection. The lunch menu varies, but a typical selection includes local seafoods (oysters, salmon, crab cakes), paired with local wines and accompanied by fresh salads and baked goods. And theres always cookies!

After lunch it's time for more sailing, exploring and generally having fun aboard a beautiful yacht in such a spectacular setting. Find your comfortable spot on board, relax and take your time.

Snowcapped mountain ranges.

Emerald Islands scattered throughout the crystal clear

Salish Sea, filled with life.

Full sails. The rail down, and a fresh sea breeze. A seagull cries... An eagle calls from above.

It doesn't get any better. 

As your day draws to a close and we approach harbor, we'll furl the sails and prepare the ship for return to port. This is a great time to share and exchange photos, load the cannon, and toast your voyage in celebration with champagne, chocolate and cannon fire!

Now thats what we call whale watching. We've made a day of it... A day to remember.

Sure it costs a bit more, but like all the good things in life, you get what you pay for.

© 2015 by Morianna Desgins.