What is a reefer?

A refrigerated container is referred to as a "reefer" or "reefer trailer" in the trucking industry. These trailers are equipped with self-powered refrigeration units and insulated trailer wall panels.

Transporting food and other items that are sensitive to temperature is frequently done using reefers. Items like fresh food, dairy products, and medications are examples of perishable items. Reefers are also used for the transportation of bulk liquids, hazardous products, paint, flowers, candles, and other non-perishable but temperature-sensitive items.

Both full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) shipping use reefers. Certain trailers can accommodate more than one temperature zone, which makes it possible to transport several types of cargo in one reefer.

Different types

Reefer containers come in a variety of varieties. In contrast to dry vans, which may have wood floors, walls, and ceilings, reefers are often constructed of fiberglass or aluminum for increased insulation:

  • Closed refrigerators

The most common kinds of refrigerated containers are these ones. It has a single unit that runs entirely on electricity for heating and cooling.

  • Reefers with modified or controlled atmospheres (MA/CA)

The insulation in these reefer containers helps to control the temperature. To keep the temperature steady, they employ an air exchange system.

  • Reefers with automatic fresh air management (AFAM)

These reefer trailer types are the most sophisticated. To maintain the necessary temperature, they use a control system that automatically modifies the air exchange inside the container.